I Made Lattes


Humour may be Wendy Harmer’s tool, but the truths of travelling through teenage angst shine more brightly with a smile on your face.

I Made Lattes for a Love God is perfect reading for anyone in your life who is almost a teenager or maybe just wants to read a story that sounds a little like their life and lets them laugh at it, ever so gently.

You can read Meredith Jaffe’s full review of I Made Lattes For a Love God HERE.


Saturday morning.
January 3.

My name is Elly Pickering and I have a secret. It’s a secret that’s incredible, and I mean that in the true sense of the word. It’s really, absolutely unbelievable. It simply can’t be right.

I have to keep this secret for the entire weekend. That means there’s still forty-eight hours of brain-busting, bum-clenching, teeth-grinding silence to go!

Had I known just how huuuuge the secret was that I would be sworn to keep, I would never have pestered my mother to tell me. I blame her for blabbing. Why did she?

She must know by now that my willpower is non-existent. She must know that for the past fifteen years of my life I have:

★ Always eaten all my Easter eggs in one go before breakfast.
★ Always turned to the last page of every book I’ve ever read to find out the ending.
★ Always stuck my ...

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  • Reply December 5, 2012

    Wendy Green

    Sounds great, Wendy! I like the way your sentences are short and to the point; just the way the young people speak these days! I guess that comes from twitter and the like!

    I see you’re really pitching this to the teenage girls, but my question is: why are the young ones so obsessed with all things death though? Vampires, ghouls, witchcraft, etc? Beats me!

  • Reply December 5, 2012


    Onya, Ms. Harmer, for starting, and completing your book.

    • Reply December 5, 2012

      Wendy Harmer

      Thanks, Ro. I wonder how I managed to start and finish it! Seems like a miracle sometimes!

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