Parts of Paris have been brought to a standstill by 340,000 protestors marching against the proposed legalisation of same sex marriage.

“The French are tolerant, but they are deeply attached to the family and the defence of children,” so said one protestor who took part in the protest, which was driven by the  extreme right and the Catholic Church.


 width=340,000 protestors in Paris match against France’s legislating of same-sex marriage. Photo by Charles Platiau, Reuters.

According to the Guardian:

Several hundred thousand people massed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Sunday to protest against President François Hollande’s plan to legalise gay marriage and adoption by June.

Three columns of protesters, waving pink and blue flags showing a father, mother and two children, converged on the landmark from different meeting points in Paris. Many came after long train and bus rides from the provinces.

Hollande has pledged to push through the law with his Socialists’ parliamentary majority but the opponents’ campaign has dented public support and forced deputies to put off a plan to allow lesbian couples access to artificial insemination.

At the protest, a comedian with the stage name of Frigide Barjot called on the president to abandon his plans, noting the diversity of the crowd in opposition.

She said those against gay marriage are multicultural, multi-religious, multi-philosophical and multi-sexual. Protest banners proclaimed “paternity, maternity, equality”, “all born of a father and mother”, and “marriagophile, not homophobe.”


 width=Photo by Charles Platiau, Reuters.

Two days earlier in Italy, the country’s highest court ruled that gay couples can bring up children as well as heterosexual couples. It was a landmark ruling in a heavily Catholic country, and it spurred the Vatican to insist that a child should grow up with a father and a mother.

According to Associated Press, the Court of Cassation said there was no ”scientific certainty or experience-based data” to support a father’s claims that his child’s development was being damaged by living with his mother and her female partner.

The gay rights group Arcigay hailed a “historic verdict” and said: “Children are brought up by love, and not by their parents’ sexual orientation.”


Do you agree? Or do you believe children need to be “defended” from the possibility of same sex parents, as the French protestors maintain?




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