koala Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-14


What would a fox wear to dinner?

What kind of shirt would a tiger buy from his favourite clothing store?

Do bears prefer collared shirts or grandma knits?

Creative photographer Yago Partal imagined the answers to questions just like these with his Zoo Portraits project.

Blending animals with fashion, Zoo Portraits runs wild with a pig in a Hawaiian shirt, a Panda in a sports jacket… even a sloth in a slick v-neck tee.

The result? Outrageous. See for yourself.


bear tumblr_mk2lpcsr3I1s7aky5o1_500

fox Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-5

hare Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-12

panda Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-3

pig Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-9

raccoon Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-7

sloth tumblr_mk21holX7N1s7aky5o2_r1_500

frog Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-4

lemur tumblr_mk9rs3Mmjh1s7aky5o1_500

baboon Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-11

pug Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-2

koala Zoo-Portraits-Yago-Partal-14

You can view Yago’s full collection and purchase prints HERE.


The koala? The lemur? Which is your favourite?



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  • Reply April 1, 2013


    I’d imagine the tiger in something more exotic … a raw silk kurta pajama, perhaps? But the sloth is really working the V-necked T-shirt with shiny jacket combo, and of course a pug would wear a bow tie and a baseball cap! Love it!

  • Reply April 1, 2013

    Emily C

    Where are the girls? All males and no stylish females amongst them. What does that say? Mmmm

  • Reply April 1, 2013


    Hmm, yeah, ok. I think I’ll just save my money.

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