Wealthy donors are no longer just happy to open their wallets and give money. They want to see their contributions achieve real change.

Here are eight innovators in the world of philanthropy.

Some of them who cringe at the word “philanthropist”.

 Meet those who are doing amazing things.

The founder of World Bicycle Relief who provides two-wheeled aid to people in developing nations; another whose passion is to get women into the science laboratory in Germany; the Chinese businesswoman who is pioneering charity in Guandong; the group Beyond Tomorrow who are supporting orphans after the Japanese Tsunami; the Canadian Mindset Organisation that supports an international journalism graduates to “cover stories that weren’t getting told elsewhere” and Brazil’s “lioness of literacy”.

And then there’s Azim Premji – the man known as the “Bill Gates of India”.

These are fascinating stories about those “giving back” in new ways.

F.K Day  from Chicago’s World Bicycle Relief (below) says giving bicycles to the world’s poorest people is delivering an “economic engine”.

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